Chris Horvath

Thirty-something years experience in all things musical... and still diggin' it.


Chris wears many musical hats, but believes that he is first and foremost an arranger/producer. So re-imagining, and sometimes re-creating, songs and music is something that comes naturally and he loves doing.

Below are a few of the many covers he has produced for various projects.

Covers & Sound-a-likes

  1. Most Wonderful Time - Ellen Degeneres Show
  2. Breathe - Grey's Anatomy
  3. Wall Of Denial - Dreamworks Music
  4. Chasing Cars - Grey's Anatomy
  5. The Story - Grey's Anatomy
  6. All That Jazz - America's Got Talent
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. How To Save A Life - Grey's Anatomy
  9. Whole Of The Moon - Eve Selis
  10. Runnin' On Sunshine - Grey's Anatomy
  11. You're The One That I Want - America's Got Talent
  12. House Is A Rockin' - Dreamworks Music
  13. Wait - Grey's Anatomy
  14. How We Operate - Grey's Anatomy
  15. Grace - Grey's Anatomy
  16. Universe & U - Grey's Anatomy

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