Chris Horvath

Thirty-something years experience in all things musical... and still diggin' it.


Having grown up on a steady diet of 70's & 80's tv shows Chris has long been a fan of a good theme song.

Some of these were finals, and some were demos... but all were hand made, are gluten-free, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Theme Songs & Main Titles

  1. Star Wars Detours Theme 1
  2. Digimon "A World For Us All"
  3. FOX "Hoops Theme"
  4. Star Wars Detours Theme 2
  5. Joey Theme
  6. Battle Blades Overdrive Theme
  7. Getting In Theme
  8. Comedy Central "After Hours"
  9. NoDrama Films Logo
  10. Disney "Goof Troop"
  11. Motown Live Theme
  12. Luis G Theme
  13. Power Rangers SPD Theme
  14. UPN "Deadly Games"

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